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World´s first corporate gastromapping show. A gastronomic adventure which starts in space and shows the connections between technology, connectivity and the up- coming future. This journey will show completely different natural landscapes and urban environments during a 2-hour dinner, full of images and 3D mapping.

An innovative gourmet experience where dishes come together in sync. with truly stunning virtual environments. Additionally, the best products and ingredients have been brought from all corners of the world to be prepared by a team of first-class catering professionals exclusively for this special and unique dinner.

Global Dinner can be delivered anywhere in the world. Request your account manager for necessary venue requirements.


"The most awarded event in the Eventoplus Awards 2019"

"¡ Brutal ! We will keep in touch"


Javier García O.

Operation Director NH Hotel Group

"Our client opted to have the Lumentium show for their event which turned out to be one of the best visual displays we have ever seen. The show was unique, exciting and visual spectacular. The projections and imagery were flawless and the client and their guests were captivated from the very beginning. The menu was personally adapted for our client and each course complimented the corresponding location beautifully. I would have no hesitation recommending both the venue and the Lumentium show to other who which to host an incredible, unforgettable evening. Thank you again for your fantastic customer service.’

Jodie Billington
Project Manager


Lumentium for Meetings, is an audiovisual and sensory experience wherw attendees of the meeting can interact with the presentation at the same meeting table.

The meeting tables become a support to visualize and interact with the presentations. The content that is usually projected on the main screen of the meeting room, becomes more enveloping with sound and 3D images reinforcing the message.


Designed for assemblies in cabaret shape, from 20 to 600 people, the technology that facilitates this table mapping allows to project on one or several surfaces, simultaneously any type of animation and simulation. For example, it is possible to surround the assistant with the roar of the engine in the presentation of a vehicle or visualize a simulation in three dimensions of any product on the table of the assistant.


Lumentium - Cocktail Station is the "cocktail" version of the well-known Lumentium show mapping. This format is ideal for large groups who want a cocktail-dinner with a mapping experience at lower costs.


An audiovisual and sensorial experience in where cocktail attendees can enjoy with several Mapping Buffet Tables (1.80M wide x 1.5M deep buffet tables) where they will find gastronomic references based on 3D videomapping images projected onto the table .


An innovative gourmet experience where the canapes and tapas of the tables merge in synchrony with truly stunning virtual environments.


At Lumentium we are experts in architectural Video Mapping. We carry out turnkey projects with the best projectors in the market. Our technical team offers comprehensive advice from the first moment until the end of the show.


We develop customize corporate shows. Our mapping services include scripting, video-mapping development, technical infrastructure, among others.


Lumentium guarantees the success of your Video Mapping projects


This show is ideal to start or end your event, meeting or dinner. Fully customizable "Future Dance" can change the colors, logos and graphic image in just a few days. A visually very powerful show designed for tight budgets.


Give your event a fresh air with 3D images synchronized with the corporate colors of your brand and some exceptional dancers. The technical team will  adapt the logos and "phrases" that you want to reach the attendees of the event. Your guests will not be indifferent.


Our management team will advise you at all times.

611A9629 copia.JPG

We offer all the organizers a 3D customization content service for your dinner. Add your logo or branding throughout the dinner, your guests will never forget it. Our management team will help you, at all times, to aiming to your creative goals.

Ask your account manager about our premium custom content service. **





You can deliver a speech  prior to dinner. We offer all the organizers a comprehensive dossier of services for your corporate event. "The Global Dinner" includes a service up to 30 min for the speech.

See the supplement if you require more than one-hour speech or meeting. **




Lumentium dinner success depends largely on its extraordinary catering service.


Therefore, at Lumentium you will only find a worldwide haute cuisine.

Ask your account manager about the catering service with Michelin Star*


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